Get to Your Tailgate party in a Dodge Journey

Football is the American pastime of the Fall. People go to High School football games every Friday night, college football games every Saturday and professional football teams every Sunday. People who do not have a recreational vehicle to bring all the tailgating necessities with them choose to rough it and go with an SUV instead. SUVs have safety issues other cars do not. Rollover concerns are far less common with other cars than they are with this class of vehicle. A tailgater who wants a safe SUV should consider purchasing the Dodge Journey.

What makes the Dodge Journey so good in a rollover? Not only does the design make the vehicle less likely to go upside down than other vehicles in its category. No one needs to worry about hanging too long upside down in their car. When the car does roll over, which is rarer than it is for other SUVs, the safety features make it easier for a passenger to exit the vehicle.



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