Looks and power are great, but safety features are an absolute must. Jeep Renegade has them in spades, a fact that makes it one of the market's most popular SUVs. Renegade's safety features are original, user friendly, trend-forward and exciting. Our Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Calallen team selected the following two to illustrate.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Renegade eliminates the need to rely solely on sideview mirrors when you need to check your blind spot before switching lanes. A nifty blind spot monitor uses advanced radar to detects vehicles that enter Renegade's blind spots. The same radar detects any vehicles that cross behind Renegade, helping you change lanes with more confidence and fewer close calls.

Adaptive Cruise Control

?Renegade's Adaptive Cruise Control maintains optimal driving speeds and preselected distances between you and vehicles ahead. The feature helps you achieve and hold optimal following gaps in rush hour traffic or on the open road.

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