Drivers Really Appreciate the Following Safety Features on the Chrysler 300

There are some cars that you just take a look at and begin to appreciate the attributes of right away. The Chrysler 300 is one such vehicle. Many people are buying this luxury sedan because of how comfortable and safe it is to drive. You will have no problem driving your family around town or across the country in this vehicle.

Take a look at the LaneSense feature that is available on the Chrysler 300. You will be alerted if you start to move outside of your lane without warning. In addition, the car will nudge you back over if you are moving too close to the other lane, possibly causing a collision if you were to continue.

Another helpful feature is the blind spot monitoring system. This is a way to see cars that might be in your way even when they do not yet appear in your side mirror. You will be alerted by light and an audible signal. Take time to test drive the Chrysler 300 when you visit Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Calallen.


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